Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia | Nichole Sobecki/WSJ

Nichole Sobecki for The Wall Street Journal | ADI-HARUSH CAMP, Ethiopia – A family carries their belongings through Adi-Harush Camp at dusk on August 23, 2015. Ethiopia hosts more than a quarter of a million Eritrean refugees, many of whom spend only a few months at camps like Adi-Harush before pursuing the long and perilous route to Europe via Sudan and Libya.

Women dance in Turkana | Carl de Souza/AFP

Carl de Souza for AFP | TURKANA, Kenya – Women from the Rendile tribe (C) and Turkana tribe (L) dance during a ceremony in the Sibiloi National Park in the Turkana region on November 2, 2013. Around 1,500 tourists are expected to attend a solar eclipse on November 3, 2013 in the remote Turkana region. Astronomy enthusiasts will try to catch a glimpse of a rare “Hybrid Total Eclipse” which… View Post