FCAEA 2018 Documentary Screening Series Kicks Off with “Watu Wote”

The FCAEA 2018 Documentary Screening Series kicked off yesterday with the Oscar-nominated Kenyan short film Watu Wote – All of Us. More than 350 people packed in for the powerful short film, followed by a documentary on the making of Watu Wote and a Q&A with key cast and crew.

Watu Wote dramatises the attack by suspected Al-Shabaab militants on 21st December 2015 in Mandera, Kenya in which Muslims passengers shielded Christians by refusing to identify them to the assailants. The documentary on the making of the film includes interviews with some of the people who were on the bus during the attack.

Director Katja Benrath, production manager Krysteen Savane and DOP Felix Striegel joined us for the Q&A after the screening. The audience peppered the crew with questions ranging from the technical aspects of making the film to the sensitivity of the issues covered in the short. The Q&A was moderated by Alaistair Leithead, a board member of the FCAEA and hosted in collaboration with our long-term partner, The Alchemist.

This is the 15th screening in our ongoing documentary series which we present every penultimate Tuesday of the month. Mark the date to join us for the next one!

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Photography: Joe Van Eeckhout