This Is Congo Documentary Screening

In one of the most highly anticipated screenings this year, the FCAEA monthly documentary series presented “This is Congo”, followed by a panel discussion, with Congolese journalist Steve Wembi and IRC regional VP for Great Lakes region, Kate Moger moderated by FCAEA board member Julia Steers. The documentary and discussion were both riveting and the event closed with audience questions and comments.

A little about the film: This is Congo, directed by Daniel McCabe, provides an immersive and unfiltered look into the world’s longest continuing conflict and those who are surviving within it. By following four compelling characters the film offers viewers a truly Congolese perspective on the problems that plague this lushly beautiful nation. The characters exemplify the unique resilience of a people who have lived and died through the generations due to the cycle of brutality generated by this conflict. Though their paths never physically cross, the ongoing conflict reverberates across all of their lives.

Our monthly documentary screening series continues to grow in audience numbers and with more and more current documentaries. Join us for the next one, always on the penultimate Tuesday of every month.

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